There’s no Such Thing

This may be a surprise to you, but I’ve often heard people say that rape can happen when someone is just too horny, along with the usual notions that someone needs to be pinned down to be raped and that getting too drunk to say “no” makes it the victim’s fault.

I think the idea that someone can be too horny to stop themselves from raping someone is incredibly insidious. Rape can happen when someone is forced or unable to say “no” because they’re incapacitated in some way. All it requires is a predator who doesn’t care about having consent or enjoys not having consent because their desires are always more important than treating people like people.

If you are not a rapist, you don’t get excited at the prospect of seeing someone in a weakened state, you don’t take what someone is not happily willing to give. You want to hear “yes”, not just figure out a way to avoid “no”. There’s no such thing as too horny to stop yourself when you believe other people are people too and that their wants and needs and happiness matter just as much as yours.

There’s. No. Such. Thing.


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